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I am part of a number of emerging businesses bringing innovative solutions industry.

Optimum Pensions has a single mission - to help Australians lead a comfortable retirement. Optimum Pensions has developed a retirement income product that provides an income for life with consistently higher returns than current lifetime annuities in the market. As Head of Engagement, I am responsible for the content on the blog and other market facing activities. A key focus of our content is raising awareness of longevity risk and educate the market on life expectancy

Laneway Analytics is an innovative analytics software company whose solutions have been developed in partnership with leading financial services companies. We have developed a scalable, secure data & analytics platform built specifically for the current and future needs of Australian superannuation funds called Provident Lane. I am on the Advisory Board but also get involved with marketing, sales and delivery from time-to-time.

Changing Gears supports organisations by providing cost effective solutions to challenges driven by an ageing workforce. For businesses, Changing Gears runs a program aimed helping employees with the challenges that they face when they think about the transition to retirement. For superannuation funds, Changing Gears works with the member education teams delivering programs for members approaching retirement.

About me

I provide a range of professional services to superannuation funds, investment managers, and their service providers, either on my own or working with other experts from my network. These services include:
Assisting with all aspects of fund operations, including developing future operating models, vendor selection and transition
Providing senior leadership support to major projects and programs
Developing and implementing new products and services
Advising organisations on the strategic and operational aspects of data & analytics, including data governance
Guiding new entrants to the Australian superannuation industry to accelerate their understanding of the industry and its position in the retirement income system
Assisting with the detection and remediation of errors in, amongst other things, unit pricing, crediting rates, fees and insurance premiums
I manage a portfolio of roles with a common theme of working with individuals and organisations committed to improving the retirement outcomes of Australians. These range from some of Australia’s largest superannuation funds and their service providers to new entrants bringing innovative solutions to the industry. I bring over 30 years of experience in Superannuation, Wealth Management and Life Insurance in a range of consulting and corporate roles.

I am a frequent contributor to publications, a regular speaker and facilitator at industry events, and am active on social media.

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